Train with AdamYour Ticket to a More Fit, Sexier, Better You.

You want to get results FAST.

In your first five weeks, you will lose 5-12 pounds and 3-5% bodyfat with a plan customized for you.  Guaranteed. How? By boosting your metabolism. Fact: boosting your metabolism will cause you to burn more fat. ALL DAY LONG. It’s fairly complex, but just show up and it’s done for you.

Next we’ll develop a tailored fitness and nutrition plan that doesn’t require spending $700 a week at Whole Foods. And finally, rip your mind, which means joining a community that supports your new lifestyle and mindset.

In just 12 weeks, you TRANSFORM your body. What does that mean? You will be ripped. You will have muscle tone. You will feel like a superhero, mind, body, and spirit.

Otherwise, I’ll refund your money 100%. It’s a no brainer.

What would you pay for a FULL BODY transformation RIGHT NOW. $500? $1,000? $2,000? More? All you have to do is just show up.

After 1 week, when you decide to stay on because you’re loving it, I’ll give you 1 month at 68% off. Don’t plan, don’t think, just show up. I’ll do the rest.

I stand behind my workouts. I use the latest breakthroughs in interval workouts. I have info on the best products on the market, our workouts are specifically crafted to get the best results for your body. Every second you’re doing my program you’re getting results. It all depends on what level you want to plug in, and with my money back guarantee, there is never any risk.

Here’s what you have to ask yourself:

Do you have the courage to click the button?

Do you have the courage to just show up? That’s all it takes.

Do you know that you need some kind of boost?

Do you know it’s worth your time, effort and energy to make it happen right now?

Don’t think and sign up right now. No need to plan, no need to prepare, just show up.





There is no risk for trying my personal training. If you’re not happy, you get your money back.


* Your 100% Guarantee: I’m so sure you’ll love our one-on-one sessions, see results, and want to come back for more that I give you TWO 100% money back guarantees. My guarantees:
  1. After 3 sessions if you feel that our sessions are not right for you, I will refund your money 100%.
  2. After 5 weeks of attending sessions 3x per week or more if you’re not seeing the results I promise I will refund your money 100%.

The journey is shared together

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