Use your Tabata timer for workouts:

First, you need to get the Tabata Pro app. Here’s a link to the iPhone version, and here’s a link to the Android version.This exercise tool is amazing.

Here’s a pic of the home screen:












Touch the green area of the screen to set your work time to 1 minute:













Touch the ‘x’ to get back to the home screen, then touch the red area to set your rest time:













Touch the ‘x’, then touch the cycles to set it to 8 cycles:













and set Tabatas to 1:













Set the prepare time to whatever you need–10 seconds should be enough.

You’re good to go. Get some music rolling and get ready to go!

Improve Your Habits Now

Onramp Week 1

Your habits over time are who you are. That’s it- no mystery at all. People ‘say’ they’re committed to all sorts of things but I’ll tell you what– show me a man’s checkbook and his calendar and I’LL TELL YOU what his priorities are. Successful people have habits that unsuccessful people do not. Fit people have habits that unfit people do not have. The beauty of it is that you get to choose your habits, and you can develop them over time with practice. The only question is, who do you want to be? Draw me a picture.What kind of body do you want? What kind of career? What kind of social life?

A habit is an automatic behavior, a routine that can be done with our brain on autopilot- no effort whatsoever. The routine starts with a cue, and ends with a reward. If your habit is biting your nails for instance, the cue may be stress, the routine is the biting, and the reward is a small release of tension.

It’s VERY IMPORTANT to understand that the reward is ALWAYS a feeling, and emotion, and not a thing. If your cue is stress, and your routine is to eat a  associated with the donuts–a sugar high, in this case.

And another thing that it’s VERY IMPORTANT to understand is the Golden Rule of habit change: it is nearly impossible to extinguish a habit, and entirely possible to change the routine. So in the nail-biting example, you would change the routing from nail-biting to something else that releases tension. Since I’m a fitness guy, I would say replace nail-biting with pushups, but whatever works, works.

That’s really all you need to know about habits to change them. Want to form a new habit? Want to change a habit? Figure out the cue, notice the routine and figure out a replacement, and make sure to keep the reward, the feeling you get from carrying out the routine, intact in some way or another.

Creating a new habit is similar, except you have the opportunity to start from scratch. Create a cue, figure out the routine, and give yourself a reward. Want to be an early riser? Set your alarm (alarm going off = cue), find your routine (getting out of bed without hitting snooze) and give yourself a good reward (the peaceful feeling of sitting quietly with a cup of coffee and a newspaper for 15 minutes). That will lock your habit in.

Another key to habit changes it to repeat it day after day for about 30 days.

Want to make it to our morning class? Set your alarm, have your clothes laid out the night before to simplify your routine, then show up to class. Your reward could be a protein shake after class, although you’ll find that class is a reward all by itself.

We’re experts in habit change and re-routes. You don’t need to learn a thing. JUST SHOW UP and we’ll take care of the rest.

This post on habits is part of my free Onramp Program, a weekly post to get you prepped for my 8-week Full Body Transformation personal training program, which starts January 1st. Reserve your spot now and get 20% off, plus an additional 15% thru the end of October with the promo code ‘justshowup’.

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My 3-Part Diet Plan

Time to talk about the eating part…

We’ll be hosting a fitness contest very soon, and before we get to it I want to make sure you have some of my best nutrition tools, namely my Three-Part Diet Plan. You’re already doing our workouts, which are the best around; now I want to introduce you to my own nutrition guidelines. This is the nutrition program that I use myself, with the same methods that I used to drop from 12% to 4% bodyfat in 5 weeks.

I’ll lay out the details in upcoming emails, one for each part of the plan, starting today with an overview: just a taste, if you will (yes, that was an eating pun).

Nutrition is a major part of your success when it comes to fitness goals, whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, or both. My nutritional framework follows three very simple principles, and includes some additional bonus methods to improve and accelerate the effects even further.

Here are the principles of my Three-Part Diet Plan:

  1. Eat Clean (whole foods, low-glycemic values, in good ratios and proper quantities)
  2. Follow an Intermittent Fasting Schedule (explanation to come, including links and tools)
  3. Have a Cheat Day (there is science behind this, and more importantly a psychology)

Within this framework, you just do what works. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t have some suggestions for you, but in the end it’s your choice. You must, however, MAKE A CHOICE AND STICK TO IT. That’s key. Obviously it must be healthy: I don’t support any ‘fast food diet’. It also must be something that you can reasonably manage to stick to. If you can’t keep doing it indefinitely, it’s not a whole nutrition plan.

Stay tuned, next up is Part 1: Eating Clean.

Which way is your line going?

There’s been some exciting news going on–if you’re not on the LA BeachFit email list you may be missing out: click here to sign up.

And now we’ve got some more exciting news…we’ve got our goodie bags in! But first, we have a question for you: Where is your line going?

That’s the question, where is your line going–is it going up? Or is it going down? Or, is it staying the same?

Maybe the better question is what in the sam hill is this line I’m talking about?

The line is your bodyfat graphed over time, and you track it by weighing in with us. Both of us are now equipped with scales and special instruments for measuring bodyfat. We’ll be doing regular measurements from here on out, and if you want to see real progress you should be tracking your fitness.

Still, you say, what is this dang line?

Well, after getting your bodyfat and weight measured, you mark those numbers and go home and plug them into your Fit Tracker–you can also find the Fit Tracker button in the upper righthand corner of our new website. You’ll need to create a login (for security this is separate from your class registration login).

As you lose bodyfat, your check-ins will reflect this, and your line will start to trend downward. At a certain point the downward trend will be pretty dramatic–a handful of you have already experienced this. You can make it even more dramatic by adding a day or two of exercise per week, and by honing in on your diet. We have some diet emails coming soon with ideas on how to get that rolling. We’ll also post schedules for the weigh-ins next week, and we’ll be doing some informally here and there.

So, back to the goodie bags…what are they? And how do you get yours? Well, I’ve just plain run out of steam for this post…stay tuned!


Produce You Need to Buy Organic

I wanted to share something that will help you eat healthy organic produce for less. The trick is that there are certain foods that you should only buy organic, and certain foods where it doesn’t matter as much. Every year, the Environmental Working Group publishes two lists–the Dirty Dozen is a list of all the foods that should be bought organic, and the Clean Fifteen are foods that don’t necessarily need to be organic. These lists are based on carefully measuring the pesticide content of the produce.

Here’s a summary of the two lists, and here’s a ranking of the produce from worst to best.

Cheers! Enjoy your organic produce! Eat lots of it.

By the way, if you’re on my email list, you’ve already seen this. If you’re not on my list, do yourself a favor and GET ON IT NOW! You’ll get some of the best info on health and fitness. My email list will help you live a longer, happier, healthier life. It may even save your life.

Plus, sign up RIGHT NOW and you’ll receive a FREE eBook of the Paleo Plan Quickstart Guide, the best guide to the paleo diet we’ve found, complete with meal plans and shopping lists. .

Are You Getting Enough Nutrients?

It’s feeling like spring, the weather has been getting nicer, maybe you’re getting that urge to get outside and get moving, and get fit…and I’ve been looking for ways to get you feeling better and moving more!

I bumped into a doctor friend at a conference a couple weekends ago. This guy is an expert on holistic health and supplements, so I picked his brain about a couple things. This guy is such a fount of knowledge, there’s too much to put down here, but I want to share a couple essential gems with you. I asked him what the most important supplements are, the ones that we probably don’t get enough of, and here’s what he said:

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is the best defense against cancer, and also keeps you healthy in general. The trick is that you need a lot–5,000 International Units (IUs) per day. It comes in all shapes and forms, and here’s a go to link for sugar-free, gluten-free softgels in 5,000 IUs. (Do not take if you have kidney problems, are pregnant or lactating. Consult a doctor before taking with other medications)


Magnesium is great for people who work out on a regular basis, especially if you’re doing our high-intensity bootcamps. Magnesium helps your muscles repair themselves. It also keeps you regular, and it’s good for bone health and nerve function. There’s a lot of different types of magnesium, here’s a link to what I take and recommend.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil is great for your joints–it lessens the effects of inflammation, may protect against heart disease, and may also lessen depression. My go-to for fish oil: Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil. It’s high quality stuff that doesn’t taste terrible.


Zinc is excellent stuff. Instead of rattling off all of the benefits, here’s a link Dr. Mercola’s take on zinc. BTW, Dr. Mercola is probably the best health resource on the Web.

I’m on a supplement kick, learning as much as I can from some golden resources I’ve recently turned up, so this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me on supplements.

How I Lost 15 Pound of Fat…

I lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 14 pounds of muscle in JUST 6 WEEKS! I dropped from 12.4% bodyfat to 4.8%.

And it was simple! How did I do it? Two things:

1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is why you go to LA BeachFit!

2. The Paleo Diet…with a cheat day–1 pint of Ben and Jerry’s every Thursday night!

Sign up for an LA BeachFit class package now to get your HIIT:

If you’re interested in learning more about the Paleo Diet, I have the book for you! I licensed the PaleoPlan Quickstart Guide, and I can sell it to you for JUST $20 (that’s a $12 DISCOUNT!). Ask me about it at class.

And if you want to know my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor: Triple Caramel Chunk.

Walking the walk

Our mission with the LA BeachFit is to bring you results, and to get you fitter, healthier and happier. On that note, I want to share with all of you the results I’ve recently achieved by following a simple fitness and nutrition plan: In the past 6 weeks I’ve shed 7.6% of my bodyfat. That’s a total of 15 1/2 pounds of fat lost! On top of that, I’ve gained 14 pounds of muscle.

When you attend a workout, be sure to talk to your LA BeachFit trainer about your nutrition! Here’s a graph of my body fat since October 15:

Powerful ideas for building a healthy life.